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Where Product Quality Drives Success


Generate unit-level product data to identify if a problem exists,

assess your progress in resolving it, and

determine if the interventions you’re testing or implementing are effective.


Solutions for accurate product monitoring

clinical diagnostics

sensitive medicines

drug and dtx development

logistics and supply chains

Clinical Diagnostics

Close up of lab assistant in uniform, with mask and rubber gloves holding test tube with blood sample while sitting on chair and typing on laptop. Selective focus on test tubes.

Without data you can’t identify if a problem exists, assess your progress in resolving it, or determine if the interventions you’re testing or implementing are effective. In the intricate journey from biopsy collection to laboratory analysis, precision and reliability are paramount. Rubitel is at the forefront of introducing a groundbreaking solution, redefining the standards of sample quality for diagnostic accuracy and patient safety. The technology is uniquely engineered to mitigate pre-analytical lab-related errors, create greater efficiencies between clinic and lab, and ensure the success of drug-development programs.


Sensitive Medicine

In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare, the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals remain a cornerstone of patient well-being. An estimated 80% of diabetic and arthritic patients inadvertently expose their medicines to harmful environmental conditions like extreme temperatures, humidity, shock, and radiation. Such exposures can lead to the denaturation of active ingredients, significantly reducing efficacy and shelf-life, and unknowingly putting patients at risk of poor health outcomes. Rubitel’s technology is designed to effectively measure the value of a therapeutic in real-world conditions, especially important for sensitive liquid biologic formulations. 

Drug and DTX Development

Healthcare doctors and meeting documents with tablet data for business discussion in office. Medical paperwork communication and analytics improvement for development of medicare company

At the heart of our technology lies a commitment to enhancing patient involvement, especially in under-served communities. By providing patients with quality assurance tools and app-based support, we enable health systems to gather and utilize race, ethnicity, and language data, identifying disparities, setting priorities, and driving improvements. This not only democratizes access to cutting-edge therapies but also enriches the pool of scientific data, capturing a wider range of patient experiences and responses. 


Logistics and Supply Chains; Package Delivery

Outside of Logistics Retailer Warehouse With Female Manager Using Tablet Computer, Worker Loading Delivery Truck with Cardboard Boxes. Online Orders, Purchases, E-Commerce Goods, Merchandise

Improvement in quality is grounded in effective measurement. In the dynamic world of shipping and logistics, the quest for operational excellence and customer satisfaction is relentless. Without low-cost precise and rapid identification of a product’s location, the reduction or elimination of product mis-load, poor parcel throughput and truck idle time will remain inefficient. This is particularly critical when the cold and custody chain of sensitive medical products affects patient outcomes. Rubitel provides a cost-effective technology for full unit-level product transparency and quality validation. By replacing manual checks with automated accuracy, it promises to increase revenue generation and operational simplicity.  


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