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Rubitel aims to re-define Quality by enabling producers

with granular digital product data.


Customized low-cost high-quality sensors

and AI data analytics for real-time product monitoring

clinical diagnostics

sensitive medicines

drug and dtx development

logistics and supply chains

Clinical Diagnostics

Close up of lab assistant in uniform, with mask and rubber gloves holding test tube with blood sample while sitting on chair and typing on laptop. Selective focus on test tubes.

In the intricate journey from biopsy collection to laboratory analysis, precision and reliability are paramount. Rubitel is at the forefront of introducing a groundbreaking solution, redefining the standards of product quality and patient safety. The technology is uniquely engineered to mitigate pre-analytical lab-related errors, safeguarding the integrity of sensitive biopsy samples.

By understanding the multifaceted challenges in laboratory medicine – from staffing constraints to the increasing complexity of sample processing – we have designed a seamless solution that blends innovation with practicality. Sensors are not only accurate but also passive, disposable, and designed with an optimal price-point in mind, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.

For care staff, the technology is a beacon of reliability in ensuring patient safety. It simplifies logistics, empowers personnel with intuitive app-based instructions (if and when needed), and enhances overall workflow efficiency. For clinical trial sponsors, it’s a gateway to accelerated market entry and exploration of new market opportunities.

Our commitment extends beyond just providing a product; it’s about fostering a culture of excellence in laboratory medicine. By generating valuable data, the innovation facilitates quality assurance and contributes to a more motivated and effectively deployed workforce.

Experience the future of laboratory excellence with sensor technology – where accuracy meets affordability, and innovation enhances care.

Sensitive Medicine

In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare, the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals remain a cornerstone of patient well-being. Our cutting-edge sensor technology is designed to protect the value of therapies, especially sensitive liquid biologic formulations used in the treatment of diabetes and arthritis.

An estimated 80% of diabetic and arthritic patients inadvertently expose their medicines to harmful environmental conditions like extreme temperatures, humidity, shock, and radiation. Such exposures can lead to the denaturation of active ingredients, significantly reducing efficacy and shelf-life, and unknowingly putting patients at risk of poor health outcomes.

Recognizing this critical gap, we have designed our sensors to provide real-time, unit-level monitoring of pharmaceuticals, ensuring that the potency and safety of medication is maintained in the real world. This is particularly vital in the era of direct-to-patient delivery, where biologics for self-injection require rigorous monitoring during shipping to ensure therapeutic effectiveness.

By integrating seamlessly with pharmaceutical packaging, sensors alert patients and caregivers to any potential compromise in drug quality. This not only empowers them with the knowledge of their medication’s condition but also enables informed decision-making for healthcare providers.

The result is more than just preserved medication; it’s about ensuring the best possible health outcomes for patients. Development of the  technology is a testament to our commitment to patient safety.

Drug and DTX Development

Healthcare doctors and meeting documents with tablet data for business discussion in office. Medical paperwork communication and analytics improvement for development of medicare company

In the dynamic world of therapeutic development and drug regulation, the integration of innovative digital health tools stands as a pivotal advancement. Our sensor technology emerges as a crucial ally in this pursuit, offering therapy developers and regulatory agencies a robust mechanism for generating scientific evidence.

At the heart of our technology lies a commitment to enhancing patient involvement, especially in under-served communities. By equipping patients with app-based support and quality control tools, we open new horizons for remote clinical trial participation. This not only democratizes access to cutting-edge therapies but also enriches the pool of scientific data, capturing a wider range of patient experiences and responses.

Our sensors serve as a bridge connecting patients with therapeutics companies, facilitating the flow of real-world data. This data is invaluable for companies seeking deeper insights into the efficacy of their therapies under varying real-world conditions. By enabling this connection, our technology fosters a more comprehensive understanding of therapy-health outcome correlations, providing a clearer picture of therapeutic effectiveness across diverse patient populations.

For drug regulatory agencies, our solution offers a pathway to more informed decision-making. By integrating our sensors into the drug development process, agencies can access a wealth of data that supports the evaluation of new therapies, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of efficacy and safety.

As we step into the future of healthcare, our sensor technology stands as a testament to the power of digital innovation in advancing therapeutic development. It promises not only enhanced scientific understanding but also a more personalized and accessible approach to healthcare for patients worldwide.

Logistics and Supply Chains; Package Delivery

Outside of Logistics Retailer Warehouse With Female Manager Using Tablet Computer, Worker Loading Delivery Truck with Cardboard Boxes. Online Orders, Purchases, E-Commerce Goods, Merchandise

In the dynamic world of shipping and logistics, the quest for operational excellence and customer satisfaction is relentless.

We introduce an advanced sensor technology with a very high read-range for low-cost precise and rapid identification of a product’s location. The technology enables full unit-level transparency, reducing or eliminating the pain points of product mis-load, poor parcel throughput and truck idle time. This includes end-to-end cold and custody chain for sensitive medical product in which product quality must be continuously validated. Cost-effectiveness of the sensor technology stands as a key advantage. By replacing manual checks with accurate automation, it promises to increase revenue generation and operational simplicity.  

 In summary, the technology represents a transformative investment for those in logistics, aligning perfectly with the goals of enhancing operational efficiency, maintaining product integrity, and elevating customer satisfaction. Embracing the innovation is more than an upgrade; it’s a strategic decision that positions a company at the forefront of the industry and customer trust.

How It Works

In summary, the Rubitel solution promises:

– unit-level connectivity for passive data collection of environmental conditions,

– long read-range at an ultra-low cost, 

– robust authentication, and security at the physical, digital and Cloud levels,

device production within FDA and cGMP Certified facilities under ISO standards.

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