The Future of Product Packaging


We synergize product packaging with supply chain management, quality monitoring, payment methods and additional POS and POC services into one single solution, transforming packaging into tools that helps your business grow!

Our MIssion

To empower manufacturers and merchants by creating one global packaging and point-of-sale solution via any available payment method, while ensuring product quality and security at each step of the way.

Implementable at unit-level, flexible across packaging systems, cost-efficient, and accurate

Our Solutions

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Supply Chain Optimization

Product Quality

Product Security

Point-Of-Sale Services

Point-Of-Care Diagnostics

When Read Range Is Essential, Rubitel Meets the Very Highest Level of Demand

Rubitel’s low-cost ultra-long read range (>100 meters) smart packaging is the first-of-a-kind in the world of RFID, and critical for applications where optimum read range is an essential customer requirement. Due to its low cost the Rubitel laminate enables tracking of any packaged product — both high value assets and low-cost assets — at the unit level. It provides very reliable reads over long distances and in difficult environments, and in combination with sensors (as described below) enables real-time monitoring of product status. Whereas traditional active RFID is deployed for the tracking of pallets, containers and large assets, the Rubitel technology is capable of tracking much smaller unit-level items and in larger quantities for retail, healthcare and military logistics.

In summary, the combination of low cost, thermal-logging, anti-counterfeiting, anti-tampering, and ultra long read-range demonstrates Rubitel’s technology leadership and ability to respond directly to customers needs, including:

  • increased utilization rates
  • reduced capital expenditures on unnecessary replacements
  • track, trace, and authenticate product (i,e., vaccine) journey from manufacturer to jab
  • prevent contamination
  • enable automatic audits (e.g., if validity is contested)
  • enhance sample level tracking by creating a location-based, real-time chain-of-custody
  • etc.

The Rubitel designed products will be produced in FDA and cGMP Certified facilities under ISO standards, and in commercial volumes which suit every customer’s inventory needs.

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